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Apr 20

can someone explain to me why this advertisement was on a webpage what even is this


can someone explain to me why this advertisement was on a webpage what even is this

Apr 19

Apr 18

Hello followers! This is not Yotsuba-related, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask all of you since you’ve often been kind and communicative and I’m certain you would be able to give me good feedback if you so choose.

I’m a senior at the university and right now I’m in a class that explores the positive and negatives aspects of different relationships. At the end of the quarter each person has to put on an exhibition and presentation of their topic, and mine is exploring the positive aspects of learning disabilities since I believe a lot of people in our society only focus on fixing disabilities, pitying people, ignoring them, and in general not understanding how this should be handled. I’m mainly focusing on mental disabilities (Autism (anywhere on the spectrum), dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, etc.) and not physical disabilities that could also impair learning such as blindness, being unable to walk, write, etc. 

My teacher told me that I should go for it, but she also said that she herself didn’t think I would be able to find a positive side to LD’s. I was surprised, because she’s allowing other students to study the positive sides to stalking and bullying, and those are topics that I think would be much more difficult to find good in. However, since she told me it would be a struggle, I got all pumped up to do well on this assignment. 

(Of course I am not saying that people with LD’s of all kinds don’t struggle or suffer at all, I’m merely saying that there’s no reason to view learning disabilities as entirely negative)

I have already interviewed a student with Aspergers syndrome and a tutor who works specifically with students with disabilities, but if you yourself have a perspective that you think should be brought to the table, I would love to hear it! However, it is important to note that I WILL NOT CREDIT YOU SPECIFICALLY IN MY PRESENTATION. I will probably say “When discussed with other students/people/individuals” and bring up those points, but also I WILL NOT CLAIM THAT I CAME UP WITH YOUR IDEAS. Please just take this into account when you consider what you would like to share with me! I know a lot of people have learning disabilities so there are tons of different perspectives, and I want to hear many different opinions. Thanks in advance!

Anonymous asked: i think that you should always have lots of messages. you've been running this blog since like, two years ago? we all appreciate you in this small yotsuba tumblr fandom!!!!

Oh PFSDFKL:DF OH YOU Has it really been that long? Oh golly it has.. AWW GEE;;; 

No it’s all of you I should thank! I never anticipated that my blog would have as many followers as it does, even though Club Yotsuba isn’t large. Thank you, followers, I hope your day is groovy.

Anonymous asked: i'm pretty sure that the dream anon said his name was akira bc there was this one jumbo/koiwai fic where the author gave him the name akira. tbh, because of that fic i can't really see koiwai as anyone other than akira koiwai.

A fanfic I’m guessing you mean? When I first read it for some reason I thought you meant a fic written by the artist. Was it a really amazing fic or something? The name Akira just seems to sinister to me

but still better than like, Bob Koiwai

Apr 17

Anonymous asked: Why are there no new chapters out? Is it because no one's translating them or has there been no new chapters released in Japan as well?

I honestly have no clue. My guess is it’s not released in Japan either, I have a feeling people jump on the translations for this series within a week or so of their release. 

Anonymous asked: last night i had a dream that the new chapter came out but we discovered that koiwai was going to a business trip for two months and was leaving yotsuba in her grandma's care. yotsuba was sobbing as she said goodbye to him at the airport. but in the last two pages, we find out that koiwai wasn't actually going on a business trip, he needed to stay at the hospital for two months and receive medical treatment and he just didn't want yotsuba to worry. also, we find out that his name is Akira.

holy moly.

that sounds like a sequel to Death Note or something

Anonymous asked: then, do you have any ships in the series?

I’m getting so many questions lately, how nice for me! Thank you! Besides Koiwai x Myself, I don’t have any major ships, but as I said a while ago I ship Fuuka and her classmate:


However I don’t anticipate any romantic relationships will form, since that’s how Azumanga Daioh went too. 

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