Yotsuba and Reactions

Here you can find Yotsuba from the Yotsubato manga and her many glorious faces!!

Jul 29

Jul 16

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Jul 14

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Jul 11

Anonymous said: Do you have one where yotsuba is angry amd has an upside down v for her mouth and she's about to cry?

Do you mean this one? http://yotsuba-and-reactions.tumblr.com/image/87367880627

Jul 8

salsapone said: tfw you'll never have a daughter like Yotsuba. Also how do you feel that she is the official mascot for 4chan.

to be honest I had to look up what “tfw” stood for, I’m so young and hip

also I didn’t know that but I really don’t care, as far as I can tell 4chan just does whatever they want and they enjoy when people get mad about it

Anonymous said: if you could have one question about yotsubato answered in the next chapter, what would you want azuma to reveal??

Hmm, that’s a good question. The things I want to know are

1. What Yotsuba’s gramma looks like

2. Where Yotsuba came from

3. What Koiwai’s first name is

I’m sure we’ll get number 1, but I’m doubtful we’ll ever have the answers to 2 and 3 at this point. It has literally been more than ten years and we still don’t know these thingss…………………..

I gotta go with number 2, just because I wanted to know where Yotsuba came from before I fell in love with Koiwai. But I think number 3 is more plausible. 

wanderinginthelostwoods said: When do you think the next chapter will come out?

when Azuma is the only human left on earth

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