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Here you can find Yotsuba from the Yotsubato manga and her many glorious faces!!

Sep 24


Yo nerds, so I, along with Double Cluepon, the game company I work for in Chicago, are participating in this cool thing called Extra Life, where gamers play and stream games for 24 hours straight to raise money for kids. Double Cluepon will be doing this this year, and I will have a time slot at 1 AM on October 26th. I’m gonna be playing Mother 3!

Anyway, hopefully you can come watch. It’ll be on Twitch TV (and I’ll stick a link up later). But either way, I gotta get some donations wrangled up! So, if you have a couple spare bucks, you should donate to this cause! The money goes to the Children’s Hospital in Chicago. Here is the link:


Thanks for listening to me ramble! Hope to see ya there~

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Sep 18

Anonymous said: Shipping is p great (I do ship Fuuka and Koiwai), but I think we can all agree that it should stay in the realm of fanworks. It''s a feel good manga about a kid being a kid, romance would just distract the whole idea!

I think that’s what a lot of people feel but no matter what every opinion is 100% A-Okay groovy with me (unless you wanna marry Koiwai too then I guess we gotta do battle to the death) (no not really I love you all)! 

Sep 17

sad-weeb said: I notice a lot of ppl talking about yotsuba growing up, and I found something that reminds me A LOT of yotsuba. it's called Amanchu and it's a shoujo manga about a diving club and there's a girl that reminds me of yotsuba if she grew up by the ocean! I know it;s only tangentially related, but if anyone's interested, that's my take on grown up yotsuba.

Oh hey I looked at it and it looked kinda cute! You guys can go search it on the Internet and look at it too if you would like. 

Anonymous said: i agree with you on the koiwai/fuuka thing. their age difference is really big and with their current ages that's probably illegal. a lot of people say that the age of consent in japan is 13, but that's only the national standard. basically all of the local laws say that the age of consent is 18, and we know for a fact that she's not 18.

That’s a thing that is true! Not to shame anyone who ships Fuuka and Koiwai you do what you like, enjoy your fictional ships since they are fictional. 

Sep 16

Anonymous said: but, hey, do you at least ship asagi with torako? come on

What’s the come on for? Lol. I don’t have to ship anyone! To each their own.

I don’t ship/not ship anyone exactly. I would accept it completely! I don’t see it being canon but I wouldn’t be against it either.

Anonymous said: Do you ship Koiwai and Fuuka? I know there's no chance of them getting together in the manga though D: . Fuuka is supposed to be 16 right? and do you know how old Koiwai is supposed to be?

I don’t ship Koiwai with Fuuka, I ship him with myself! Ahaha! No but seriously yeah no I don’t ship him with Fuuka. I think there’s too much of an age gap there. I feel like Koiwai is 25 at the youngest and 35 at the oldest. I always pictured him being about 27-29. 

Sep 14

Anonymous said: Even if Yotsuba stays permanently young, I'd love to see her have at least one birthday party :'D

Oh wow, I agree a lot.

Sep 12


Yotsuba on TV

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