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Here you can find Yotsuba from the Yotsubato manga and her many glorious faces!!

Sep 14

Anonymous said: Even if Yotsuba stays permanently young, I'd love to see her have at least one birthday party :'D

Oh wow, I agree a lot.

Sep 12


Yotsuba on TV

Sep 11


Just thought I’d share this amazon link, this danbo figure is fairly cheap for JP merch :’D


Thanks for the submission, that is a pretty good price!!

Anonymous said: I wonder how many languages Yotsuba's dad knows? I mean it's mentioned he's a translator and he mostly works from home but not really any specifics on the language(s), I'm surprised they don't have him saying random words of them sometimes , not counting any random Engrish that pops up in a lot of other mangas

Hmm, I dunno, I never thought of that. I guess because it’s not really that important to the plot and probably because Azuma doesn’t speak those languages. If I was a translator and spoke other languages, though, I’d be totally flaunting it. Maybe Koiwai is supposed to be too humble for that.

Anonymous said: not sure if I'm remembering this right but I think i read/heard somewhere that doing a thumbs down is as rude/bad as flipping the bird in JP, so that's why everyone had a shocked reaction (that might seem like an "overreaction" but there's lots of times where ppl overreact I suppose) when they went to milk the cow and that lady did that rather than her just going thumbs down as saying "no" to them or whatever

Yeah, that’s probably true. I didn’t know that but I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right! Otherwise they’re being a little more than just manga-extreme.

Anonymous said: I love Yotsuba's "Flower Cupid" costume, it's a shame the page wasn't in color (at least not in the scan I read but who knows maybe there's an official art book with it), it'd be cool to see cosplays of that :'D

Yeah, it was really cute! I’ve seen some fan-colors but nothing official. (somebody should color this. if you want to)

I suddenly received a lot of anonymous submissions! Was it all from the same person? Thank you!

The most impressive teddy bear in existence

The most impressive teddy bear in existence

Anonymous said: Do you think we'll get to know more of Yotsuba's backstory? I'd love to see how she and her dad first met though that might be too serious/sad for the series, I'd love to see her go to school too though I don't see her getting aged up past 10 (or even to 10 if she does get a bit older) and it doesn't seem like it'll become a coming of age story so I don't expect too much of a time skip either.

Yes, I would say it’s safe to not expect anything too dramatic from Yotsuba. In some ways Yotsuba has become more of an icon than a character with backstory and it’s very lighthearted. Personally I think it’s amazing enough that we even got to see Yotsuba’s grandma. But I wouldn’t complain if we did get to see more, at least about how he found her and all that!

Sep 4

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